It's hard to watch your dog suffer in pain.

Every dog owner has, at some time or other, had to deal with their baby being in pain.
Whether a minor sprain or long-term arthritis, there are ways to help relieve your dog's pain.
Find out what you can give a dog for pain.

Natural Supplements
for Pain Relief

Natural Supplementsfor Pain Relief
Let’s not forget there are natural ways to help ease your dog’s pain with less stress to their body. Your dog is already going through a tough time, why make them deal with a drug too? Natural remedies for pain relief are easier on dogs.

OTC Anti-Inflammatories
for Dogs

OTC Anti-Inflammatoriesfor Dogs
There are some Over The Counter (OTC) human and canine medications, NSAIDs, that can provide relief for their pain.

Pain Relievers

PrescriptionPain Relievers
There are some veterinarian prescribed pain reliever for dogs, such as Rimadyl. Beware, though, there can be some pretty severe side effects – MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCH ANY MEDICATION first.